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Introducing the new kp-series keypanels from rts - the first professional intercom keypanels featuring built-in omneo ip technology. get superior quality, simplicity and flexibility for your professional needs.

KP-Series keypanels deliver superior digital audio using the Bosch-developed OMNEO technology with Audinate's Dante audio over IP, via either copper or fiber. The KP-Series provides top-notch audio quality, free of noise, delay and other artifacts present in older technology. The family includes a rich set of connectors as standard, including GPIO and RC. As with other RTS products, emphasis has been placed on backward compatibility with previous generations of matrices, including analog technology. KP-Series keypanels utilize the latest generation of wide angle TFT displays, providing superior clarity, resolution and longer display life.


2 RU, 32 keys

2 RU, 32 pushbutton keys

1 RU, 16 keys

1 RU, 16 keys (14 pushbutton keys and 2 additional lever controls)

1 RU, 16 keys & IP connection

1 RU, 16-key expansion unit

1 RU, 16-key expansion unit with push buttons

Desktop/wall-mount, 16 keys

DKP-3016 / DKP-3016W
Desktop/wall-mount, 16 keys

One rack unit expansion keypanel, 16 operation keys for kp-3016


Name Size Date
App Note AES67 243KB 04.11.2017
App Note FMI-Series 1.53MB 01.02.2018
App Note RVON 1.03MB 07.14.2017
App Note VLINK SIP 645KB 11.20.2017
Application Notes: AES67 243KB 04.19.2017
Migration of OCP-based firmware to OCA-based Firmware for OMI, OKI, OEI-2, & KP-Series Devices 1.3MB 12.05.2017
RTS Application Guide 14.92MB 04.17.2019
RTS Proper Cleaning Guidelines 91KB 06.09.2020
Use Case Nuclear 658KB 06.15.2017
Use Case Theater 1.01MB 01.12.2018
Use Case TV Station USA 478KB 09.05.2017
Name Language Size Date
Kp-series brochure EN 1.69MB 04.16.2019
RTS full-line catalog EN 8.56MB 01.29.2020
Name Size Date
Dkp-4016, Desktop & Wall Mount Panels, EC Declaration of Conformity 236KB 12.18.2019
Dkp4016, Dkp4016W, Bosch Security Systems, 02-2016 Country of Origin Certificate 38KB 12.18.2019
Eac, Dkp3016, Dkp4016, Certificate No. 15229, 2017-12-13 Certificate 3.27MB 12.18.2019
Kp-4016, Ekp-4016, Ec Declatarion of Conformity 540KB 12.18.2019
Kp-5032, Kp-4016, Ekp-4016, Bosch Security Systems, 04-2015 Country of Origin Certificate 122KB 12.18.2019
Name Size Date
No broadcast without flawless communication 2.75MB 09.14.2015
Name Language Size Date
DKP-3016 Technical Data Sheet EN 619KB 09.11.2020
DKP-4016/4016W Technical Data Sheet EN 884KB 09.11.2020
EKP-3016 Technical Data Sheet EN 459KB 08.16.2018
EKP-4016 Technical Data Sheet EN 537KB 08.16.2018
KP-3016 & KP-3016A Technical Data Sheet EN 599KB 09.11.2020
KP-4016 Technical Data Sheet EN 704KB 09.11.2020
KP-5032 Technical Data Sheet EN 925KB 09.11.2020
Name Language Size Date
RVON Codec for KP-Series EN 20.9MB 01.24.2020
Name Language Size Date
KP-Series Flyer EN 6.37MB 03.26.2015

KP 5032PB

LeftCU KP4016

LeftCU KP5032

EKP 4016PB

DKP 3016 FrontThreeQuarters

KP-3016 LeftPersp

LeftCU EKP4016

BackPerspective2 EKP-4016

BackPerspective2 KP-4016

BackPerspective2 KP-5032

BackStraight EKP4016

BackStraight KP4016

BackStraight KP5023

DKP 3016 Back

DKP 4016 Hero

DKP 4016 Iso Back

DKP 4016 Iso Right

DKP 4016 Iso ThreeQuarter

DKP 4016 Iso Top LARGE

DKP 4016 Vertical

EKP-3016 FrontStraight

EKP-3016 LeftPersp

EKP-3016 RightPersp

FrontHero EKP4016

FrontHero KP4016

FrontHero KP5032

FrontPersp EKP4016

FrontPersp KP4016

FrontPersp KP5032

FrontStraight EKP4016

FrontStraight KP4016

FrontStraight KP5032

KP 4016PB-1

KP-3016 FrontStraight

KP-3016 RightPersp

LeftHero EKP4016

LeftHero KP4016

LeftPersp EKP4016

LeftPersp KP4016

LeftPersp KP5032

RightCU EKP4016

RightCU KP4016

RightCU KP5032

RightHero EKP4016

RightHero KP4016

RightHero KP5032

RightPersp EKP4016

RightPersp KP4016

RightPersp KP5032

Name Language Size Date
DKP-3016 Keypanel Quick Start Guide EN 341KB 08.31.2017
DKP-3016 Technical Manual EN 3.1MB 09.10.2020
DKP-4016 cutout EN 23KB 12.07.2016
DKP-4016/4016W Technical Manual EN 7.92MB 09.10.2020
EKP-3016 Installation Instructions EN 396KB 08.23.2018
KP-3016, KP-3016A, EKP-3016 Technical Manual EN 6.23MB 09.10.2020
KP-4016PB Quick Start Guide EN 472KB 05.04.2017
KP-5032 Keypanel & KP-4016 Keypanel Technical Manual EN 11.04MB 09.10.2020
KP-5032PB Quick Start Guide EN 579KB 05.04.2017
OMNEO Resource Guide EN 1.04MB 05.05.2016
Name Language Size Date
General Terms & Conditions of Deliver for Export Business EN 57KB 11.26.2014
Warranty conditions for RTS products in Europe, the Middle East, & Africa EN 154KB 09.14.2020
Allgemeine Lieferbedingungen DE 184KB 11.30.2016
Name Size Date
Audio Ticking when using KP Series panels with older MCP panel microphones 106KB 05.12.2016
KP Series Panel Mic Input Impedance can cause fluctuations in output levels 451KB 12.07.2017
Reduced Frequency Response on KP Series RVON audio 276KB 12.08.2017
Name Language Size Date
Adding Dante to Your Network Audinate EN 158KB 04.04.2016
Dante Network Unsupported EEE Switches Audinate EN 71KB 04.04.2016
IP Networks Used for Intercom EN 70KB 05.05.2016
OMNEO Configuration EN 1.89MB 05.05.2016
OMNEO Network Requirements & Considerations EN 177KB 04.04.2016
RVON Layout Model EN 1.21MB 05.05.2016
RVON UDP Ports EN 34KB 04.04.2016
OMNEO Network Requirements & Considerations EN 897KB 07.23.2019
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