Full-size modular matrix intercom

    • 8 GPIO's Standard per Frame
    • Compatible with ALL Current & Legacy RTS Digital Matrix Intercom Keypanels & Accessories
    • Dual-Purpose Ports Support BOTH Keypanel and Four-Wire Audio
    • Fully Redundant Power Supplies & Controllers Standard
    • Individual Cross-Point Level Controls
    • Integrated Support for RTS Intelligent Trunking
    • Multi-Level IFB, ISO, Party Lines, Groups, and GPI's all STANDARD
    • Non-Volatile Configuration & Crosspoint Memory
    • RealTime Online Configuration & Monitoring
    • RTS UPL (User-Programmable Language) for Custom System Configurations via Pull-down Menus
    • Supports 16 to 880 users per system based on 7 RU frame(s)
    • Supports Custom Cards for Widely Used Industry Interface
    • Widest Variety of Interface Cards in the Industry
    • Widest Variety of Wiring Options in the Industry

The full-size ADAM matrix supports up to 272 + ports with a single 7RU frame and ADAM can be linked to configure multi-frame systems of up to 880 ports. ADAM frames support the widest variety of audio interface cards in the industry, including AIO, RVON VoIP, Omneo and MADI.


Max ports, expanded system 880 (Full OMNEO1)
Port Capacity: Single Frame 272
Takes expansion cards Yes

Rack Units 7
Redundant Power Supplies Yes
Redundant Controllers Yes
Bus Expansion Yes
Link Method Single Mode Fiber or Multi Mode Fiber
Cable Length, Single mode 40 km (TBX)
Cable Length, Multi mode 550m (TBX)
Front-panel display No
Display Type NA
Audio Bits 24
OMNEO Audio Yes
Trunking RTS Intelligent Trunking
Matrix PC Connection Ethernet, Serial
Field-upgradeable firmware Yes
Integrated Party-Line Interface No
General Purpose Outputs External GPIO-16
General Purpose Inputs External GPIO-16
Power Requirements 110V or 230V ±10% version available, 50/60 Hz, 1000VA maximum
Operating Temperature 0ºC to +50ºC°C
Power Consumption (with AIO-16 & two (2) MCIIe): 85VA @ 120VAC, 85VA @ 220VAC
Storage Temperature -40ºC to +70ºC°C
Frequency Response 15 Hz to 20 kHz ±1dB
Size 8-272 ports
VOX on Input Yes
TDM Bus Signal Format 44.1
AES Audio Yes
Audio Levels +8dBu nominal, +21dBu max (adjustable ± 20dB by user)
Intuitive User Interface Yes
Signal-to-Noise Ratio > 84dB (typ.) / 81dB (min.)
Total Harmonic Distortion+Noise < 0.005
Non-Destructive Download Yes
Input Impedance 22
Remote Configuration Yes
Impedance 600
Relays External GPIO-16
Trunk Port Yes
Ethernet Port Yes


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Use Case Nuclear 658KB Jun 15, 2017
Name Language Size Date
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ADAM-ADAM-CS Drawings Manual EN 1.22MB Nov 6, 2014
MADI 16 Plus Manual EN 2.56MB Apr 21, 2016
Upgrading Your ADAM to High Density EN 280KB Nov 6, 2014
Tri Bus User Manual EN 2.81MB Nov 6, 2014
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AIO-16 Port Noise due to Common Mode Rejection Imbalance on Audio Inputs 288KB Aug 6, 2014
Audio Noise in Systems mixing older 8-port Cards with TRIBUS / MADI / AIO-16s 834KB Dec 7, 2017
Improperly adjusted ADAM Chassis DC power rails cause audio noise 1.09MB Dec 7, 2017
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Adding Dante to Your Network Audinate EN 158KB Apr 4, 2016
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Design & Implementation of a Time Multiplexing Communications System EN 313KB Nov 6, 2014
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