AIO-16A 16CH input/output card by RTS Intercoms


16CH input/output card

The AIO-16A replaces the AIO-16 card with improved performance characteristics. It co-exists with legacy I/O cards allowing current systems the capability to upgrade to the new AIO-16A. It is fully compatible with the AIO-16 using the same back card and cabling. This means the AIO-16A can replace the AIO-16 card without replacing the back cards, cables or breakout panels.

Installed directly into the ADAM or ADAM-M Matrix Intercom frame, the AIO-16A card gives 16 ports of audio IN and OUT for each card installed (up to 17 cards) in the frame. The AIO-16A is hot-swappable, allowing the user to insert the card and begin using it immediately. Once inserted into the system, it uses its “smart card” capability to see the backcard configuration and switches its keypanel communication protocol accordingly.

The AIO-16A is fully compatible with MADI, OMI, RVON, and TBX cards. It can run side-by-side with these cards, seamlessly integrating into the port allocation scheme already in place.

There are four SCSI breakout panels (XCP-40-DB9, XCP-40-RJ12, XCP-24, and XCP-24-USOC) and three MDR breakout panels (XCP-32-DB9, XCP-16-DB9T, and XCP-48-RJ45), bringing the total number of breakout panels compatible with the AIO-16A to seven.


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