Digital Partyline

Clear. Compact. Compatible.

RTS Digital Partyline is a uniquely versatile and cost-effective product family capable of interconnecting IP, digital and analog devices with the highest level of digital audio quality and an optimized user experience. Whereas current systems on the market offer analog-only, digital-only, proprietary or non-Dante-compatible products, RTS Digital Partyline encapsulates the RTS philosophy of bridging all standards and formats.

For example, OMNEO IP technology – incorporating Dante for audio transport and AES70 for device control, and more – allows the main family component, OMS (OMNEO Main Station), to interconnect with RTS Digital Matrix products including ADAM, ADAM-M, ODIN, KP series keypanels and ROAMEO DECT wireless, in addition to the core RTS Digital Partyline products DBP (Digital Beltpack) and DSPK-4 (Digital Speaker Station).

RTS Digital Partyline can therefore provide a path from legacy equipment to the latest technology, allowing users to migrate to the flexibility of an IP infrastructure without the complexity of a matrix system – all while protecting the investment value of their existing analog partyline hardware.

RTS Digital Partyline: a communications multi-tool offering hybrid functionality and scalability for a wide range of customers, including AV rental, broadcast, entertainment, houses of worship and theaters.



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