NEO Intercom Management Suite

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  • Expands the capabilities of RTS AZedit configuration software for even more efficiency
  • Speeds up day-to-day tasks for RTS matrix intercom systems of any size and complexity
  • Multi-window and multi-screen support for intuitive configuration and control
  • Support for Windows and macOS

RTS NEO Intercom Management Suite - the new software eco-system for intercom configuration, control, and system monitoring. While leveraging the power of AZedit, the RTS NEO Intercom Management Suite software takes configuring intercom systems into the future, by offering users new workflows ensuring fast, intuitive configuration and operation.

Command your system using the Intercom Manager where every local and remote intercom resource is available for you to view, as well as assign to any device.

Harness the power of the Intercom Resource Search Engine to find any resource in the system quickly using the incremental search funciton, which scours all the most important data fields, such as Alphas, Resource types, Descriptions, and Matrix Names looking for matches. This feature is for all local resources, as well as all trunked resources, regardless of the size of the dynamic configuration.

Configure your system to meet your needs with Keypanel Editor. Use the Keypanel Editor to custom tailor the interface. Easily enable or disable each interface element of the dashboard to show, as much or as little, information as you want.

Make use of the multiple editor feature to view an unlimited number of keypanels simultaneously. Quickly review and change setup pages using a new graphical interactive Setup Page Overview screen.

Most copy/paste functions now have an optional drag and drop function giving you more flexibility in configuring your system.


Qualified Operating Systems• Windows 10 and 11
• MacOS 11.0 and above
Supported intercom systems• Adam
• Adam-M


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