The OMNEO media networking architecture allows the transport and easy management of media, control, and other data over IP networks. OMNEO provides the highest levels of audio quality as well as synchronization whilst ensuring lowest levels of latency in a highly reliable and secure set up at competitively low system cost due to the use of standard IT components and lower installation as well as maintenance cost.

OMNEO is based on two key components – media transport and control data. Technologies such as Dante from Audinate Pty for transport and AES70, also known as OCA (Open Control Architecture), for control are fully supported within OMNEO.

Products with OMNEO onboard are enhanced by Bosch specific features. OMNEO provides extensive interoperability, flexibility, reliability and future-proof technology by utilizing an open public standards. These technologies provide a number of options for the interconnection of equipment from different manufacturers to exchange control and media content. Additionally, OMNEO provides numerous advanced features and tools to support mission-critical system applications. Systems using the OMNEO media networking architecture can be scaled to include up to 10,000 nodes and can interoperate across multiple IP subnets and long distance for complex network designs and applications.

For those asking if RTS supports TCP/IP, the quick answer is yes. We began our TCP/IP support with our RVON (RTS Voice Over Network) product starting in 2002. With our introduction of OMNEO we have added to our portfolio of IP products and embracing additional industry standard IP based products. RTS Intercoms uses Audinate’s DANTE IP based product as the basis for OMNEO.


Mid-size modular matrix intercom

OMNEO digital intercom

2RU, 32 keys

1RU, 16 keys

OMNEO-capable program assign panel

Desktop/wall-mount, 16 keys

5/10CH device

DKP-3016 / DKP-3016W
Desktop/wall-mount, 16 keys

OMNEO external interface-2

OMNEO keypanel interface card

OMNEO matrix interface card

DECT-based wireless intercom 4CH beltpack


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