Multichannel Audio Digital Interface Card

  • The MADI-2 is hot-swappable and installs in any available slot in an ADAM Intercom System.
  • Includes an RJ-45 connection for an RS-232 or RS-485 pass-thru serial port
  • Provides 16 to 64 individually addressable audio channels. Each initial MADI card has 16 channels, with additional channels available for purchase in increments of 16.
  • Word Clock and TV interfaces allow seamless synchronization of many different audio sources.
  • With a Fiber Optic connection, the MADI-2 provides up to 9.32 miles or 15 km between ADAM systems.
  • The MADI-2 supports supplemental data control for use with the RTS’ Intelligent Trunking.
  • The pass-thru serial port provides a virtual serial connection over a MADI connection using an RJ-45 connection.
  • Adjustable I/O gain, using AZedit Intercom Configuration software. Adjust the I/O gain from -20dB to 20dB in increments of .5dB

The MADI-2 card expands the ADAM system configuration capabilities by utilizing MADI (Multi-channel Audio Digital Interface) technology to connect any AES-10 compliant device over coaxial or fiber connections at sampling rates of 44.1kHz and 48kHz.

The MADI-2 is fully scalable, allowing 16 to 64 channels of audio in and out. It supports hot-swapping and can be configured through the RTS AZedit configuration software.

The MADI-2 card allows audio connections between intercom frames or other MADI devices, and has an RS-232/485 serial connection for serial pass-thru port connections. It also supports an optional fiber connection that allows for both multi-mode and single mode options with a range up to 9.32 miles (15 km) between ADAM frames.


Warranty & After Sales Programs

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