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Voip interface for dkp 16 cld

  • Installation

    The RVON-2 provides a single RJ-45 Ethernet connection for use with a 10 BASE-T or 100 BASE-TX network.

    2 Channels of Audio In and Out

    The RVON-2 card supports two channels in and out and has configurable network and bandwidth parameters that can be tailored to individual network functions.

    Ethernet Compatible

    The RVON-2 card uses standard Ethernet protocols and is compatible with 10 BASE-T and 100 BASE-TX Ethernet compliant devices and networks.


    With the RVON-2 option card installed in the CLD family of keypanels, you can have up to two (2) additional full-duplex, audio channels that can be mixed with audio in the CLD keypanel.

  • RVON channel 1 can be used for either the matrix connection or as an Aux Input/Output. However, it cannot be used as both at the same time.

Installed directly into DKP 16 CLD, the RVON-2 provides voice over IP (Internet Protocol) communications for the RTS ADAM intercom family. In general, voice over IP means sending voice information in digital form using discrete packets rather than the traditional hardwire connection. The RVON-2 delivers an integrated solution for connecting keypanels to the Intercom matrix over standard IP networks.

The RVON-2 is compatible with any RTS Matrix Intercom system equipped with a suitable RVON interface. In conjunction with DKP 16 CLD, the RVON-2 brings a new level of enterprise-wide and remote access functionality to your RTS Matrix Intercom.

The RVON-2 card is configurable through the keypanel service menu and RTS’ AZedit configuration software. It is also fully compatible with internationally recognized standards and supports the following protocols: G.711, G.729 A, and G.723 (2 bit rates).


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RTS Application Guide 14.92MB Apr 17, 2019
RTS Proper Cleaning Guidelines 91KB Jun 9, 2020
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RVONEdit User Manual EN 4.31MB Nov 6, 2014
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