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Dual IP Remote Adapter Panel

  • Encode iDEN Emergency

    Able to receive and decode ID and information related to incoming iDEN emergency signals.
  • Sepura Status Messaging

    Able to decode, and display status messages generated via TETRA (Sepura SRM200/3500) radios.
  • Radio Telephony Operation

    Allowing local console to change a remote radio channel via POTS line.
  • Enhanced Crosspatch capabilities

  • Line-to-line crosspatch
    Enable and disable via DTMF strings.
  • Start/Stop Function Tone Line-to-Line Crosspatch
    Designated function tones have the ability to automatically set up and knock down line-to-line crosspatches within the device.
  • Dial
    Remote user with portable radio can key a DTMF string, causing IP-223 to take the TDI off-hook, dial a preprogrammed phone number, and establish a patch between the devices via DTMF strings.
  • Dial VoIP
    Remote user with portable radio can key DTMF string, causing IP-223 to join different multicast group and port–mapping the IP to a different channel.
  • Phone Patch
    Remote user with portable radio can key a DTMF string, causing IP-223 to take the TDI off-hook. The user can then manually dial a phone number.
  • Multiple Vocoders
    Per Line Vocoder Type - ability to select lower bandwidth Vocoder.
  • Kenwood P25 TK5710/5810 serial control

    Supports encode and decode of FleetSync ID and P25 ID, channel change, scan ON/OFF, and monitor. Also capable of direct serial control of Kenwood 80, 90, and 150 Series radios.
  • Generate FleetSync MSK signal at the IP-223

    DMR Radio: NexEdge Does not require specific Kenwood base station.
  • Advanced compatibility with multiple radio manufacturers

    Motorola, Kenwood, EF Johnson, iDEN, Sepura.
  • 5-Tone Detection

    Decodes 5-tone messages received from remote radios and sends console information to display.
  • COR Click Dialing

    While using COR, the remote user can key click a portable radio, causing the IP-223 to take a TDI off-hook, and dial a preprogrammed phone number to establish a telephone connection between remote user and a designated dispatch console.
  • Improved Web-Based Programming Interface

    Redesigned Web page displays important information on start screen and simplifies navigation to critical programming areas.

Flexible, reliable Dual IP Remote Adapter Panel connects C-6200 IP console or C-Soft Windows console by WAN connection and offers numerous dispatch configurations in a variety of modes. The IP-223 remote adapter provides a reliable means of remotely controlling up to two, two-way radio base stations. The adapter interconnects to our C-6200 IP console or the C-Soft Windows console by means of any available Wide Area Network (WAN) connection, including wireless. Now, the IP-223 can be optionally compatible with Tetra radio systems, commonly found throughout the world. It is also capable of decoding 5/6 tone signaling.


Power Requirements +12 to +16VDC, semi-regulated, ~700mA
Operating Temperature 0° to 70 ((32° to 158° F))
Form Factor Desktop

Relay Contact Ratings 1A at 125VAC
Ethernet Speed 10 BaseT or 100 BaseTX
Output Impedance 600W for balanced mode, 200W for single-ended mode
Lease Line 2W and 4W supported
Radio Interface ±45VDC withstand rating
Non-Relay Outputs Open-collector, active low, 200mA, 40V max.
Audio Frequency Response ±1.5dB, 300 to 3000Hz
DTMF Detection Bandwidth ±25Hz around center of frequency
Monitor Timer 10ms to 9999ms, adjustable
Height 41.275
Input/Output Levels Input: 10mVpp to 10Vpp, adjustable, Output: 10mVpp to 10Vpp for mic level or -40 to +10dBm into 600W load, adjustable
Width 215.9
Depth 247.65
Weight 1.701
Color Black
Audio Distortion 2% THD maximum


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