Digital matrix

Digital matrix frames, keypanels, audio interfaces, configuration software, & more.

The RTS family of digital intercom matrices is the most extensive, widely used line of intercoms in the world. From the top-of-the-line ADAM matrix, available in sizes from 16 to more than 800 users, to the original Zeus 24-port matrix, RTS matrices are the standard for reliable, mission-critical communications in broadcast, military, industrial, and entertainment applications.

Digital Matrices

Matrix frames and audio interface cards are the core of the digital matrix system. Whether you have thousands of users or just a small team, RTS has a matrix solution to fit your needs.


RTS keypanels represent the ultimate in compact, fully-programmable user stations.


RTS VLink is a new software intercom solution providing professional communications via standard internet connections or a dedicated secure LAN, WAN, or VPN. RTS VLink can be fully integration into RTS hardware matrix systems.


Multiplexers are a powerful solution to integrate users’ analog keypanels into high-performance optical fiber networks.


RTS software provides complete control over your intercom system from any standard Windows computer. Configure keypanel settings, assign user rights and even link matrices together that are thousands of miles away.

Trunking, peripherals & interfaces

RTS offers a full line of Intelligent Trunking solutions and peripheral products to complete your communications system, including interfaces to party-line intercoms, coaxial cable, telephone lines, and relays. Accessories also include control panels for IFB levels and assignments, panels for adjusting system audio levels, and microphones.

Warranty & After Sales Programs

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