POE SPLITTER 12V 60W PoE Power kit for AP-1800

  • Splits the higher power over RJ45 Ethernet cable into DC 12V output
  • Supports PoE power up to DC12 5A (60W) output
  • Built in overload and overheat protection
  • Supports 10/100/1000 BASE-T transmission rate
  • Compatible with IEEE802.3af, IEEE802.3at, IEEE802.3bt (PoE, PoE+, PoE++)

The PoE Power Kit for the AP-1800 is a full 60W, industrial, PoE (Power over Ethernet) splitter solution that splits out DC power from the DC + data of the Ethernet network, which eliminates the need for a local power supply. This add PoE functionality to non- PoE devices that have a power consumption up to a full 60W. The PoE splitter is perfect for network devices that need higher power.


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