Audiocom accessories

A complete lines of intercom accessories are available XLR Cables, breakout panels, line splitters, convertors, XLR wall plates, Call light indicators and headset accessories

Gooseneck microphones

The black electret cardioid microphone is ideally suited for vocal sound reinforcement, public address and intercom applications. The unidirectional cardioid response makes it particularly beneficial when background noise is a problem. The microphone features a threaded TRS male connector that is compatible with all Audiocom products. The removable windscreen provides pop-filtering, response-shaping, and overload protection to further enhance the acoustic performance of the microphone.

Call light indicators

The CIA-1000 call indicator assembly connects to a RTS Two-Wire Intercom channel and provides an attention-getting indicator light for cueing and paging. Any call button on the channel can activate the light. Relay contacts are also included for activation of an external device along with the light. The CIA-1000 top-light version can be placed on a desktop, or mounted on a wall. The front-light version can be rackmounted with optional rackmounts.

Partyline interface devices

Balanced to unbalanced convertors, and 2 wire to 4 wire systems to system interfaces

Cables & connectors

Audiocom Line Cables, Cable splitters and Connectors.

Breakout panels & splitters

Audiocom rack mount XLR panels, 3 to 6 pin convertors, source assignment panels and Aux rear panels breakouts.

XLR wall plates

Passive junction plates without electronics.

Handsets & hand mics

Telephone-Style Handsets and Push-to-Talk Hand Mics.

Warranty & After Sales Programs

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