A cost-effective way for digital matrices to make phone calls via IP

  • Interfacing with SIP, this allows the matrix to connect to phone lines using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
  • SIP server can provide an unlimited number of digital telephone lines.
  • A simple ticking of the checkbox in the VLink configuration software activates the SIP server functionality.
  • A complete system requires an RTS ADAM or ADAM-M matrix, a PC-based server running the RTS VLink software, Dante Virtual Soundcard software, SIP-lines, and an IP network. OMNEO is strongly recommended for interconnecting the matrix and the server.
  • Wherever VLink software uses the SIP server functionality, an RTS TrunkMaster system is no longer required
  • For broadcasters already using TrunkMaster, the SIP server can be utilized as a professional backup communication system, adding more resilience and redundancy to the existing intercom system.



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