Four-channel user/main station with 4.0 amp power supply

  • Auto-Sensing Headset Connector

    The MS-4002 has a built-in autosensing headset connector that will determine automatically whether a dynamic or electret headset is connected to the system.

    Speaker Station or Headset Station

    Use the built-in speaker for listening and add an optional MCP-90 series Gooseneck Panel Microphone for talkback. You can also turn off the speaker volume, and plug in a headset for private communication.

    Voice Activated Microphone (VOX)

    Separate controls adjust the voice activation level for the headset microphone and panel microphone inputs.

    Public Address (PA) Output, with PA key

    Use your intercom microphone to talk over a PA system.

    Back-lit Keys

    Improves visibility in low-light

    Incoming Call Indications

    Red flashing call light, with beep tone if desired.

    Mic Kill Key

    You can turn off all microphones on a channel to quickly clear the channel.

    Program Input for Each Channel

    Connect any line-level audio source for monitoring in the speaker or headset, or for routing to the intercom channel. The program audio to the channel can be set to interrupt while the MS-4002 operator is talking on the channel.

    Listening with External Powered Speakers

    You can connect external powered speakers and then monitor channels 1, 2, 3 and 4.


    Add more channels by connecting optional EMS-4001 Expansion Stations. Each EMS-4001 adds four additional powered channels (up to twenty channels).

    Instantaneous Auto-Reset

    Instantaneous Auto Reset (IAR), the newest technology in performance and safety, which uses a revolutionary new circuitry that dynamically monitors line fault conditions. Then, when the fault is removed, automatically brings individual power supply channels up.

    Clear-Com Compatible

    Can run in unbalanced mode.

    This product is not CE certified.

The MS-4002 is a complete four-channel, balanced audio master station and 4 amp system power supply in a single unit. You simply plug it into any AC power outlet from 100 to 240 volts, add a microphone or headset, connect intercom stations to the back panel, and you are ready to communicate. The MS-4002 is now equipped with an advanced programming mode on the front panel, eliminating the need for internal DIP switches. It also has a feature that automatically senses the type of headset attached to the unit, either dynamic or electret. The MS-4002 fits in a standard 19" equipment rack and is 1 rack unit high. The MS-4002 is Clear-Com compatible, with the ability to run in unbalanced mode.


Power Requirements AC Input: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, Channel Power: 24 VDC nominal (12 to 30 VDC), 65 to 150 mA MS-4002 is capable of supplying 4 amps overall
Channels 4


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MS-4002 Iso

MS-4002 Back

MS-4002 Front

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