Digital Partyline

RTS Digital Partyline is a uniquely versatile and cost-effective product family capable of interconnecting IP, digital and analog devices with the highest level of digital audio quality and an optimized user experience.

PS-20 Power Supply

The PS-20 features 2- and 4-channel operation, RTS monitoring, 2-channel program input, audio linking and 3-mode operation: RTS 2-channel, RTS 4-channel and Clear-Com mode. It also has double the power output per channel of previous RTS power supplies, which will substantially increase the number of user stations and beltpacks that can be connected. The PS-20 uses a unique current-pump circuit, which improves performance in applications with very long wires.

MCE-325 Master Station

RTS two-wire intercom master stations have been the industry standard for professional partyline communication systems for more than 25 years. With their flexible configurations, ease of use and legendary reliability, they are the elite core communications control tools.
RTS two-wire intercom master stations are installed in major broadcast and industrial application venues worldwide.

Two-Wire User Stations

RTS two-wire intercom user stations employ a unique modular design that enables a few station types to be configured into a multitude of communications solutions. Rugged and dependable RTS two-wire intercom user stations form the widest variety of stationary communications stations in the industry. RTS two-wire intercom user stations are the perfect choice for a wide range of applications regardless of what physical profile is required. RTS is the only two-wire protocol that allows two communication channels to be connected on a single standard microphone cable.


RTS two-wire intercom beltpacks are mechanically engineered to be rugged and dependable. Unique audio circuitry is perfect for either high- or low-noise environments while maintaining maximum voice intelligibility.

Peripherals & Accessories

RTS offers a full line of products to complete your communications system, including interfaces to partyline intercoms, cables, telephone lines and relays. Accessories also include control panels for IFB levels and assignments, panels for adjusting system audio levels, microphones and 4-wire beltpacks.

Warranty & After Sales Programs

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