Intercom Systems – RTS


SS-2002 U Box

Dual-Channel Wall Mount Speaker Station with WKP-Box Enclosure

  • Easy Wiring

    Via XLR “loop-through” or push-type wiring terminal block.

    Panel Mic Key

    Selects built-in panel microphone or gooseneck microphone (when present) when in the ON position. Selects headset/handset when in the OFF position.

    Speaker Key

    Selects the built-in speaker in the ON position and the headset/ handset when in the OFF position.

    Channel Select Switch

    Used to switch between intercom channels one and two. The switch lights green for channel one and red for channel two.

    Call Key

    Used to send call signals on the intercom channel and to indicate incoming calls.

    Intercom Talk Key

    Only momentary (push-to-talk) is possible.

    Panel Mic Connector

    Accepts an MCP-90 series microphone.

    Clear-Com Compatible

The U-Box is used for wall mounting speaker stations. The U-Box mounts to studs and has top/bottom (depending on mounting orientation) and side access holes for permanent installations. Intercom cabling connects directly to the terminals on the back of the speaker station.


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