Software Packages

For KP-5032, KP-4016, & DKP-4016 keypanels

  • Audio Package

    • Voice Recording/Messaging
    • Additional Compression Ratios
    • Adjustable Noise Gate
    • 5-band Equalization
    • Additional OMNEO AUX Inputs
  • Control Package

    • Keypanel Configuration in AZedit
    • Keypanel Mirroring
    • Real-Time Control of KP from AZedit
    • Downloadable Chime
    • Downloadable Screensaver

The Audio and Control software packages for the KP-5032, KP-4016, and DKP-4016 greatly

enhance your keypanel and intercom system capabilities.

The Audio package delivers new features to custom-tailor the audio with an interactive 5-band

equalizer, additional compression ratios and an adjustable noise gate. Furthermore, this

package offers voice messaging, which guarantees the user can always get their messages,

even when they have stepped away from the keypanel.

The Control package offers full configuration of other keypanels from any supervisor panel

using the Keypanel Mirroring feature. With Real-Time KP Control from AZedit, changes to

the intercom and keypanel volume settings of any keypanel can be adjusted centrally from

the AZedit software. Keypanel configuration from AZedit allows you to upload a keypanel

configuration to AZedit and then download it to one or more keypanels in the system. In

addition, it includes customizing the keypanel with downloadable chimes and screensavers.



Warranty & After Sales Programs

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