Ethernet master controller card kit for ADAM

The RTS MCII-e system controller card is the latest generation controller for the ADAM intercom system. The Ethernet connectivity enables multiple AZedit sessions and remote peripherals such as the GPIO-16. Adding Ethernet connectivity between the ADAM intercom and a PC running AZedit configuration software, the new controller can support up to 35 simultaneous AZedit sessions (32 using Ethernet and up to 3 using serial ports). Using a pair of MCII-e controller cards will provide full redundancy with seamless automatic changeover upon failure. The speed of Ethernet, combined with expanded memory, allows the card to fully support large matrices with reduced setup file download time. As with all ADAM intercom family products, the MCII-e card supports all standard, hot swappable, and configurable features through the AZedit configuration software. It is fully compatible with existing ADAM systems and cards, including AIO-8, AIO-16, AES-3, and RVON VoIP interfaces. The MCII-e also supports SNMP, the IETF standard protocol for monitoring network-attached devices.

*The New MCII-e System Controller card is only for use in the ADAM Matrix Intercom System and cannot be intermixed with older ADAM master controllers in a given frame.


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