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8-port voip analog interface

  • Installation

    The RVON-I/O provides a single RJ-45 Ethernet connection for use with a 10 BASE-T or 100 BASE-TX network.

    8 Channels of Audio In and Out

    The RVON-I/O supports with 8 channels IN and OUT and has configurable network and bandwidth parameters that can be tailored to individual network functions.

    Trunk Capable

    The RVON-I/O supports ancillary data control for use with RTS Intelligent Trunking.


    Eight individually addressable audio channels. The RVON-I/O can feed simultaneously VoIP (voice over internet protocol) capable keypanels as well as various other matrix intercom systems.

    Ethernet Compatible

    The RVON-I/O uses standard Ethernet protocols and is compatible with 10 BASE-T and 100 BASE-TX Ethernet compliant devices and networks


Function VOIP to Analog Input/Output Interface


Name Size Date
App Note RVON 1.03MB Jul 14, 2017
RTS Application Guide 14.92MB Apr 17, 2019
RTS Proper Cleaning Guidelines 91KB Jun 9, 2020
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RTS full-line catalog EN 8.56MB Jan 29, 2020
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VoIP System Interconnect Diagram CAD Drawing PDF 865KB Nov 6, 2014
RVON-IO CAD Drawing DWF 47KB Nov 6, 2014
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RVON-IO Technical Data Sheet EN 459KB Nov 6, 2014
Name Language Size Date
RVON-I/O V2.5.1 EN 998KB Jan 6, 2016



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RVON Resource Guide EN 1MB Nov 6, 2014
RVON-IO Release Notes EN 505KB Nov 6, 2014
RVON-IO User Manual EN 5.75MB Apr 21, 2016
RVONEdit User Manual EN 4.31MB Nov 6, 2014
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Warranty conditions for RTS products in North America EN 159KB Sep 14, 2020
General Terms & Conditions of Deliver for Export Business EN 57KB Nov 26, 2014
Allgemeine Lieferbedingungen DE 184KB Nov 30, 2016
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Reversed Cap on RVON cards causing communication / initialization errors 912KB Jan 15, 2013
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