RVON VoIP devices

The RTS Voice Over Network (RVON) series allows the full integration of our intercom system into your existing data network. It also allows you to create an independent network for your RVON equipment. Our devices are fully IP-compliant with current VoIP standards. All RVON series devices can be monitored via SNMP. The RVON product family supports ancillary data control for use with RTS Intelligent Trunking. These products enable trunking over IP for local to worldwide connectivity.


Configuration software for rvon devices

8-port voip analog interface


Name Size Date
App Note RVON 1.03MB Jul 14, 2017
RTS Application Guide 14.92MB Apr 17, 2019
RTS Proper Cleaning Guidelines 91KB Jun 9, 2020
Name Language Size Date
RTS full-line catalog EN 8.56MB Jan 29, 2020
Name Size Date
Rvon-C, EC Declaration of Conformity 56KB Nov 13, 2019
Name Size Date
VoIP System Interconnect Diagram CAD Drawing PDF 865KB Nov 6, 2014
RVON-C CAD Drawing DWF 11KB Nov 6, 2014
RVON-IO CAD Drawing DWF 47KB Nov 6, 2014
Name Language Size Date
RVON-IO Technical Data Sheet EN 459KB Nov 6, 2014
RVON-1 Technical Data Sheet EN 1.57MB Nov 6, 2014
RVON-2 Technical Data Sheet EN 2.63MB Nov 6, 2014
RVON-C Technical Data Sheet EN 767KB Nov 6, 2014
Name Language Size Date
RVON-16 V2.5.2 EN 1.04MB Jun 8, 2016
RVON-C V2.5.2 EN 1.02MB May 31, 2016
RVON-I/O V2.5.1 EN 998KB Jan 6, 2016









Name Language Size Date
RVON Resource Guide EN 1MB Nov 6, 2014
RVON-IO Release Notes EN 505KB Nov 6, 2014
RVON-IO User Manual EN 5.75MB Apr 21, 2016
CLD Color Keypanel Family User Manual EN 35.52MB Apr 21, 2016
Cronus Manual EN 2.28MB Nov 6, 2014
RVONEdit User Manual EN 4.31MB Nov 6, 2014
RVON-1 User Manual EN 3.86MB Apr 22, 2016
RVON-2 DKP 16 CLD Quick Start Guide EN 2.28MB Nov 6, 2014
RVON-2 KP 32 CLD Quick Start Guide EN 1.46MB Nov 6, 2014
RVON-C User Manual EN 3.7MB Nov 6, 2014
Name Language Size Date
Warranty conditions for RTS products in North America EN 159KB Sep 14, 2020
General Terms & Conditions of Deliver for Export Business EN 57KB Nov 26, 2014
Allgemeine Lieferbedingungen DE 184KB Nov 30, 2016
Name Size Date
Reversed Cap on RVON cards causing communication / initialization errors 912KB Jan 15, 2013
RVON-2 Clearance & Interference Issues 629KB Jan 15, 2013
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