UHF wireless binaural intercom 2CH beltpack

The RTS TR-825 is a Two-channel UHF frequency-agile wireless beltpack for use with the BTR-800. The TR-825 is a dual listen and dual talk beltpack, allowing you to listen to "Tech" in one ear and "Production" in the other. Individual volume controls also allow for easy level adjustment. The TR-800 has an all metal cast magnesium case, an LCD based graphical user interface, stage announce activation, wireless talk around (ISO) activation, enhanced ClearScan, detachable antennas and an auto-sensing headset connector that automatically switches between electret and dynamic headset mics.


Power Requirements 6 “AA” Cells Alkaline (NiMH optional)
Form Factor Beltpack
Microphone Input Sensitivity 7

Local Headset Output 40 mW output into 600W (1% distortion)
Current Draw 190 (Push-to-Talk, A and B Talk On)
RF Frequency Stability 0.005
RF Sensitivity < 0.7 (for 12 dB SINAD)
Squelch Threshold 20 (SINAD About 1.0 μV)
IF Selectivity 3 (at 230 kHz)
Image Rejection 70 (or better)
Squelch Quieting 90
Distortion < 1 (at full deviation)
RF Frequency Range 470 - 608 MHz, 614 - 740 MHz in 18 MHz TX and RX bands
Storage Temperature -4° F to 130° F (-20° C to 55°C
Frequency Response 300 Hz-8 kHz
Antenna ¼ Wave (supplied), Screw type, Replaceable (TX and RX)
Type Dual Conversion Super heterodyne, Synthesized, FM, 712 channels
Function User Station
Binaural Yes


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