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Single-sided super lightweight headset

  • The LH-300 headset is a super lightweight, single-sided headset for the ultimate in day-long comfort. The LH-300 features high-quality, dynamic earphones with a noise-cancelling microphone with a semi-rigid, fully adjustable boom for precise positioning on right- or left-side. The high-quality wide band dynamic earphones with soft, pliable ear cushions and headband pads offer a better fit, isolation and frequency response.

  • Models
    LH-300-DM-A4F - Single Side, Dynamic Mic, A4F
    LH-300-DM-A4M - Single Side, Dynamic Mic, A4M
    LH-300-DM-A5M - Single Side, Dynamic Mic, A5M
    LH-300-EM-i3.5 - Single Side, Electret Mic, 3.5
    LH-300-DM-PT - Single Side, Dynamic Mic
    LH-300-DM-IC6 - Single Side, Dynamic Mic, IC6


Impedance 150 ((DM-A4F, DM-A4M)
300 Ω (DM-A5M, EM-i3.5, DM-PT))
Cable Length 6 ft (1.8m)
Speaker Dynamic

Sides Single-Sided
Speaker Sensitivity 99 ((150 Ω)
100 SPL/mW (300 Ω))
Microphone Sensitivity -63 ((Dynamic)
-41 dBV/Pa (Electret))
Microphone Impedance 200 ((Dynamic)
2.2 Ω (Electret))
Microphone Type Dynamic Noise-Cancelling ((DM-A4F, DM-A4M, DM-A5M, DM-PT)
Electret Noise-Cancelling (EM-i3.5))


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RTS Application Guide 14.92MB Apr 17, 2019
RTS Proper Cleaning Guidelines 91KB Jun 9, 2020
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RTS full-line catalog EN 8.56MB Jan 29, 2020
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LH-300 Datasheet EN 398KB Dec 9, 2019
LH300-DM-IC6 / LH302-DM-IC6 Datasheet EN 460KB Apr 2, 2019
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LH300 LH302 Leaflet (A4) EN 2.71MB Oct 19, 2017
LH300 LH302 Leaflet (US) EN 2.72MB Oct 19, 2017




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Headset Cleaning Memo 84KB Jun 12, 2020
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After Sales Service Programs & Policies: North America EN 2.61MB Aug 28, 2018
Asia/Pacific Service Policies EN 2.62MB Sep 4, 2018
General Terms & Conditions of Deliver for Export Business EN 57KB Nov 26, 2014
Allgemeine Lieferbedingungen DE 184KB Nov 30, 2016
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