Trunking, peripherals & interfaces

RTS offers a full line of Intelligent Trunking solutions and peripheral products to complete your communications system, including interfaces to party-line intercoms, coaxial cable, telephone lines, and relays. Accessories also include control panels for IFB levels and assignments, panels for adjusting system audio levels, and microphones.

Trunkmaster series

RTS Intelligent Trunking is a private version of the long distance telephone system. Trunking allows up to 255 separate matrix intercoms to communicate with one another instantaneously and seamlessly with all the same presets, scroll lists, and tallies available on local matrix intercoms. Trunking Gain Control Management allows users to adjust the listen volumes for remote assignments.

Matrix interface panels

Coaxial interfaces, general purpose interfaces, telephone interfaces, and more.

Other peripheral devices

Audio routing panels, assignment panels, mixing panels, and more.

Warranty & After Sales Programs

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