Intercom Systems – RTS


Other peripheral devices

Audio routing panels, assignment panels, mixing panels, and more.


Omneo capable program assign panel

1-ch ifb beltpack "passive device"

8-channel ifb panel with volume controls

Multifunction remote assignment panel

Mixing distribution amp

Omneo external interface-2

32-position program ifb assignment panel


Name Size Date
App Note FMI-Series 1.53MB Jan 2, 2018
App Note Trunking 1.5MB Jan 11, 2018
Application Notes: AES67 243KB Apr 19, 2017
Migration of OCP-based firmware to OCA-based Firmware for OMI, OKI, OEI-2, & KP-Series Devices 1.3MB Dec 5, 2017
RTS Application Guide 14.92MB Apr 17, 2019
RTS Proper Cleaning Guidelines 91KB Jun 9, 2020
Use Case Nuclear 658KB Jun 15, 2017
Use Case TV Station USA 478KB Sep 5, 2017
Name Language Size Date
RTS full-line catalog EN 8.56MB Jan 29, 2020
Name Size Date
Ekp-32, Ekp-632-24, Ekp-832-20, Epap-32, EC Declaration of Conformity 65KB Nov 13, 2019
Name Size Date
PAP-32LK CAD Drawing DWF 158KB Nov 6, 2014
PAP-32PB CAD Drawing DWF 125KB Nov 6, 2014
4030M CAD Drawing DWF 1.4MB Nov 6, 2014
IFB-828 CAD Drawing DWF 13KB Nov 6, 2014
LCP-102 CAD Drawing DWF 20KB Nov 6, 2014
epap-32 CAD Drawing DWF 106KB Nov 6, 2014
MDA-100 CAD Drawing DWF 16KB Nov 6, 2014
Name Language Size Date
PAP-32 Technical Data Sheet EN 803KB Apr 21, 2016
Series 4000 IFB System Technical Data Sheet EN 572KB Nov 6, 2014
IFB-828 Technical Data Sheet EN 446KB Nov 6, 2014
4030M Technical Data Sheet EN 297KB May 5, 2015
FMI Series Technical Data Sheet EN 431KB May 10, 2017
LCP-102 Technical Data Sheet EN 262KB Nov 6, 2014
MDA-100 Technical Data Sheet EN 320KB Nov 6, 2014
OEI-2 Engineering Data Sheet EN 397KB Nov 6, 2014
OEI-2 Technical Data Sheet EN 397KB Feb 4, 2015
PAP-5032 Technical Data Sheet EN 1.8MB Apr 4, 2019




OEI-2 Front


OEI-2 Back Top Left






OEI-2 Back

OEI-2 Front Top

ibc2014 booth oei2



RTS FMI-4 front

RTS FMI-8 front


PAP-5032 Front

RTS FMI-4-8 00

RTS FMI-4-8 back

RTS FMI-4-8 front

Name Language Size Date
IFB-828 User Instructions EN 288KB Nov 6, 2014
LCP-102 User Manual EN 691KB Nov 6, 2014
IFB_828 Service Manual EN 469KB Nov 6, 2014
PAP-32 User Manual EN 533KB Nov 6, 2014
4030M User Instructions EN 251KB May 5, 2015
Control Software Technical Manual EN 1.21MB May 10, 2017
FMI Series Manual EN 713KB May 10, 2017
MDA-100 Parts & Drawing Manual EN 1.01MB Nov 6, 2014
MDA-100 User Manual EN 512KB Nov 6, 2014
OEI-2 Technical Manual EN 3.42MB Feb 4, 2015
OMNEO Resource Guide EN 1.04MB May 5, 2016
PAP-5032 Manual EN 7.22MB Jun 3, 2019
Name Language Size Date
Warranty conditions for RTS products in North America EN 159KB Sep 14, 2020
General Terms & Conditions of Deliver for Export Business EN 57KB Nov 26, 2014
Allgemeine Lieferbedingungen DE 184KB Nov 30, 2016
Name Size Date
Display corruption / dimming on KP-12 & related variants 77KB Jan 15, 2013
Name Language Size Date
Adding Dante to Your Network Audinate EN 158KB Apr 4, 2016
Dante Network Unsupported EEE Switches Audinate EN 71KB Apr 4, 2016
IP Networks Used for Intercom EN 70KB May 5, 2016
OMNEO Configuration EN 1.89MB May 5, 2016
OMNEO Network Requirements & Considerations EN 177KB Apr 4, 2016
OMNEO Network Requirements & Considerations EN 897KB Jul 23, 2019
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