Universal beltpack

  • Voice prompts for simplified configuration
  • Remote Mic Kill turns off all active microphones, reducing background noise.
  • Programmable TALK Button, (Always) On, (Always) Off, Switched, or Momentary.
  • Mode-sensing System Configuration
  • Updated design for modern, sleek appearance
  • Reduced current draw allows for more beltpacks being powered by the power supply
  • Auto-sensing headset inputs, electret or dynamic
  • Uses a 6-pin Switchcraft connectors for line and loop connections.

The BP-6000 is a portable user stations compatible with Audiocom and Clear-Com party line systems. The BP-6000 is a 2-channel beltpack equipped with a mode-sensing system configuration, meaning the beltpack determines what type of system it is installed into and configures itself according to the system.

The BP-6000 has a 4-pin male XLR connector with auto-sensing headset inputs. Dynamic and electret headset microphones are supported. The loop and line connection both use 6-pin Switchcraft connectors.

Multiple programming options are available. To simplify programming, voice prompts guide the user through the menus.

The beltpack is available in black only.


Crosstalk < -60
Power Requirements Max Operating Current (unbalanced): 50 mA; Max Operating Current (balanced): 55 mA; Channel Supplied: 18–33 VDC; Local Power: 18-33 VDC
Operating Temperature 32º F to 131º F; 0º C to 55°C

Operating Humidity 5% to 95%, non-condensing
Headset Jack 50 to 200 Ω (dynamic); 1k to 13k Ω (electret); Headphones: 50 to 600 Ω
Balanced Intercom Channel Output Level: 0.0 dBu nominal; Noise Contribution: <-60 dBu; Total Harmonic Distortion: <1.0%
Terminating Impedance Balanced: 300 Ω; Bridging Impedance: >10k Ω
Call Signaling Send: 20 kHz; Receive: 20 kHz
Mic Off Frequency Send: 24 kHz; Receive: 24 kHz
Unbalanced Intercom Channel Output Level: 0.0 dBu nominal; Terminating Impedance: 200 Ω; Noise Contribution: <-60 dBu; Total Harmonic Distortion: <1.0%
Bridging Impedance Unbalanced: >10k Ω
Call Signaling Send: DC Only; Receive: DC Only; Total Harmonic Distortion: <1.0%
Headphone Amplifier Maximum Output: >140 mW into 150 Ω load; Frequency Response: 200Hz - 8 kHz ±2 dB; Audible Alert: 1 kHz; Total Harmonic Distortion: <1.0%; Sidetone: >20 dB dynamic range
Storage Temperature -4º F to 158º F; -20º C to 70°C
Storage Humidity 15% to 90%, non-condensing


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