Digital Partyline

OMS (OMNEO Main Station) and DBP (Digital Beltpack) mark the beginning of a major new product family: RTS Digital Partyline.

OMS key features:

  • A bridge from analog to digital and IP – Analog partyline users can enter the world of digital and IP communications while extending the working life of their legacy equipment
  • Scalable – Available in five configurations to grow with the user’s needs – upgrade via software license updates
  • Versatile – Converts between up to four different formats: OMNEO (Dante, AES70 and more), RVON, four-wire AIO and two-wire
DBP key features:
  • Hybrid functionality – Operate DBP in partyline mode with OMS (OMNEO Main Station) or in portable keypanel mode with an RTS matrix (ODIN/ADAM) – one device covers it all
  • Daisy chaining – Connect DBP to a PoE switch via OMS/ODIN/ADAM and up to six DBPs can be daisy chained together
  • User friendly – Lightweight and ergonomic design with full-color icon-based menu navigation for quick setup and intuitive operation




Name Language Size Date
Specification Digital Beltpack EN 254KB 05.03.2021
Specification Digital Partyline Main Station EN 259KB 05.03.2021
Name Language Size Date
DBP Engineering Data Sheet EN 1.22MB 05.10.2021
OMS Technical Data Sheet EN 763KB 10.30.2020
Name Language Size Date
DBP + OMS Flyer EN 2.1MB 04.27.2021
DBP Flyer EN 1.54MB 04.27.2021
OMS Flyer EN 1.34MB 04.27.2021

RTS DBP Hero TopDownLeft 46598

RTS OMS Front Hero Left

RTS DBP Hero BottomUpLeft 46596

RTS DBP Hero BottomUpRight 46597

RTS DBP Hero TopDownRight 46599

RTS DBP Orthographic Buttons Red 46600

RTS DBP Orthographic Buttons White 46601

RTS DBP Orthographic Top 46602

RTS DBP Straight Back 46603

RTS DBP Straight Bottom 46604

RTS DBP Straight Left 46605

RTS DBP Straight Right 46606

RTS DBP Straight Top 46607

RTS OMS Back Straight

RTS OMS Front Hero Right

RTS OMS Front Straight Off

RTS OMS Front Straight On

Name Language Size Date
OMS Technical Manual EN 5.52MB 01.07.2021
Name Size Date
OMS A&E Specifications 585KB 10.13.2020
OMS Feature Table 132KB 12.29.2020
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