Dual-sided headset with flexible dynamic boom mic

The PH-44 headset is a dual-sided lightweight headset for the ultimate in daylong comfort. It offers a dynamic noise-canceling gooseneck microphone with a semi-rigid, fully adjustable boom for precise positioning. The high-quality wide band dynamic earphones are covered in moleskin for better fit, isolation and frequency response.


Microphone Sensitivity -65
Cord Length 1828.8 (6 ft)
Microphone Impedance 200

Microphone Type Dynamic Noise-Cancelling
Connector Options A4F, A5F, Dual 3.5mm, Stripped Wire, A4M, A5M, A6M
Impedance 300
Speaker Dynamic
Sides Dual-Sided
Speaker Sensitivity 109dB


Warranty & After Sales Programs

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