• Supports configurations from 2 to 255 intercom systems with 10,000 assignable trunk lines.
    • Includes dual AC power supplies for full redundancy in mission critical applications.
    • Supports dual 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet connections for redundant or segregated network topologies.
    • Supports geographically separated Trunk Masters for disaster recovery planning.
    • Ethernet and RS-485 trunk data connections are both supported.

TM-10K is the next generation in RTS Trunk Masters. The RTS Trunking System manages communications between separate intercom systems using intercom ports reserved and connected between the intercom systems. Keypanels or other data devices can then communicate with various destinations in other intercom systems via the reserved intercom ports. (This is different from bus expansion, in which the bus system of two (2) or more frames are interconnected to form one (1) system with decentralized hardware. The RTS Trunking System consists of a TM-10K which supports trunking data through Ethernet. In addition, the TM-10K supports legacy RS-485 data which utilizes up to four (4) 8-port ACCES I/O RS-485 PCIe serial cards in conjunction with ICP-2000 Interconnect Panels, depending on the number of intercom systems to be connected serially. A backip TM-10K may also be added to prevent downtime in the event of a failure of the main master control unit. The TM-10K replaces the TM-2000 Trunk Master and MTM-2000 Mini-Trunk Master.


AC Input 47–63Hz, 6–3A, 100-240
Power Requirements 47–63Hz, 6–3A, 100-240
Function Trunk Router

Power Consumption 113VA


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